About Viking Link

Viking Link is a joint venture between National Grid (Great Britain) and Energinet (Denmark).

The Viking Link Interconnector is 765 km long and is the world’s longest subsea and land interconnector. It connects the GB and Danish electricity markets with substations at Bicker Fen in Lincolnshire, Great Britain and Revsing in southern Jutland, Denmark.  The interconnector went into commercial operation on the 29th of December 2023 and offers customers the opportunity to trade up to 1400 MW in either direction through a variety of long term and short term explicit products.

In explicit auctions, market parties can buy long term physical transmission rights (capacity) from Viking Link via the Single Allocation Platform (SAP) operated by JAO (Joint Allocation Office). Upon acquiring long term capacity from SAP, customers can choose to either nominate their capacity via the Regional Nomination Platform (RNP) (physical customers) or not nominate their capacity and receive Use-It-or-Sell-It (UIoSI) compensation (non-physical customers) by not physically nominating and placing their capacity into the Day Ahead auction.

The interconnector enables the more effective use of renewable energy, access to sustainable electricity generation and improved security of electricity supplies.

If you would like to know more about Viking Link, please visit the website:  https://www.viking-link.com/

If you would like to trade on Viking Link please contact: Viking Link.customerenquiries@nationalgrid.com