Clean Energy Package – RTE parallel Run – Publication

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Update 11/02/2021


Summary of the delivery :

“Concatenate_Filter_FR_F338_20210101_20210107_FV” : does not contain BD 01012021, 02012021 & 03012021 because Initial minRAM Factor not representative from the GoLive situation

“Concatenate_Filter_FR_F338_20210108_20210114_FV” : does not contain BD 08012021 because the // Run was not performed on time by operators

“Concatenate_Filter_FR_F338_20210115_20210121_FV” : does not contain BD 17012021 because the // Run was not performed with correct business process

“Concatenate_Filter_FR_F338_20210122_20210128_FV” : full set of BD

“Concatenate_Filter_FR_F338_20210129_20210204_FV” : does not contain BD 01022021 because the // Run was not performed with correct business process

“Concatenate_Filter_FR_F338_05022021_11022021_FV” : does not contain BD 09022021, 10022021 & 11022021 because the // Run was not performed due to a social movements of operators in the National Control Center of RTE





Since 01.01.2020, in the context of CWE (Central West Europe) Capacity Calculation process, a parallel run relative to the implementation of the minimum 70% capacity requirement stemming from the Clean Energy Package has taken place. This parallel run has been used for local testing of processes and tools.


RTE will continue to use this // Run environment until the Go-Live for CEP 70% threshold (Go-Live window planed between 3rd February to 17th of February 2021).

From 1st of January 2021 until the Go-Live, results of this // Run Capacity Calculation on CBCOs given by RTE, will be published on a weekly basis, every Friday, on this webpage.


The format of the publication will be a weekly csv file. The content of this csv file will follow the skeleton of the datas of the “Final Flowbased domain” sheet of a classic “JAO Utility Tool”.


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