Approval documents

Dear Market Participants,

Since the Core FB MC go-live on 08/06/2022, the CWE approval documents for DA and ID  will be replaced by the Core DA CCM and  ID CCM.

The CWE FB MC partners


Dear Market Participant,

CWE TSOs submitted the NRA approval package concerning the ID ATC capacity calculation methodology to CWE NRAs. 

Additionally, TSOs created a context paper. This paper is meant to provide the context related to the proposed ID ATC solution as well as to explain many elements which have been discussed in the course of 2015. Finally, it clearly indicates the further foreseen roadmap related to the CACM obligations and its challenges.



Dear Market Participant,

The below up to date and final Approval Documents and non-confidential annexes represent the relevant documentation for the formal approval by CWE Regulators given on 23rd April 2015.

Outcome of the CWE FB MC Survey - Project answers to Market Participants’ concerns and questions 


Dear Market Participant,

The CWE FB MC Project partners would like to thank all Market Parties who participated in the public consultation process. Your feedback is well appreciated and will be taken into account in order to ensure that the next steps in the FB market coupling implementation will be smooth and transparent. The Project relies on good cooperation, which increases the understanding and confidence of Market Parties.

Therefore, we are pleased to provide you with the following Q&A document addressing key market concerns raised during the public consultation. The intention is to meet the expectations expressed by Market Parties by responding in a transparent and pedagogical manner to all questions which arose during the consultation process.

Please note that some of the answers in this document may require good understanding of the FB principles, so this document is by no means intended as an introduction to FB. Introductory information regarding FB can be found on the CWE partners’ websites as well as on the CASC website: where also a glossary for the CWE FB MC terminology is available: .

Best Regards,

CWE Flow-Based Market Coupling Project Partners

CWE FB MC Public Consultation Results

Dear Market Participant,

We would like to thank all the respondents for their participation to the CWE survey/public consultation on the FB methodology and implementation approach. Project Partners are currently assessing the submitted comments which will be included in the approval package to Regulators.
Today, we are pleased to provide you with a first feedback on the online survey which took place from 2nd May until 1st July.
From the project perspective our first analysis is that these comments can be structured according to the following main concerns:

Transparency: Request for publication of capacity calculation inputs for better price forecast and predictability 
Fairness: Assessment of FB impact on smaller countries (e.g. NL and BE)
FB compared to ATC: Explanation needed regarding welfare losses, volatility of inputs and prices, impact on forecast, forward and intraday capacities
Allocation principles: Publication of the algorithm’s functioning (including intuitive patch)
Timings: Worries regarding the tight deadlines and request for review of timings (publication of capacities, shadow auctions, etc.)
TSO operational process: Request for knowledge of harmonization among TSOs, internal procedures, etc.
Process clarification: Need to clarify and adapt the shadow auction process, fallback and rollback solutions, etc.
External parallel run performance: Dissatisfaction with simulation results in terms of reliability and stability (errors, about 25% of missing days, no clear improvement observed, request for data-download via ftp)

CWE partners will carefully consider the aforementioned concerns, and commit to work in close cooperation with Market Parties and Regulators, in order to foster the implementation of Flow Based in a way which secures benefits for all parties involved, while respecting the proposed planning.

During the next months, it is foreseen to address the concerns raised and provide additional explanation on open questions in formal market communications but also during upcoming Flow- Based User Group meetings and Market Forums in order to further exchange with Market Parties and prepare the CWE FB MC implementation. In this regard, the communication tools deployed by the CWE initiative (Parallel Run publications, Q&A Website etc...) will also play a crucial role in supporting a constructive dialogue.

Please find here the detailed survey results.

Best Regards,

CWE Flow-Based Market Coupling Project Partners


Dear Market Participant,

The CWE Flow-Based Market Coupling (FB MC) project partners have worked out the following Public Consultation document giving further details about the final design and implementation of the FB MC but also addressing topics on which they are seeking the valued opinion of market parties. The document provides a detailed insight in the Flow-Based methodology by describing the FB capacity domain calculation and also gives more details about the FB parameters publication, fall-back and rollback arrangements, intuitiveness and data publication.

• CWE FB MC Consultation document
• Additional publications related to the FB MC Project

An online survey/consultation is at your disposal in addition to this document, asking for your feedback on specific questions for which the CWE FB MC project partners would need your input, and also allowing free comments about all topics addressed in the consultation document. The survey/consultation link has been sent to all directly concerned market parties and can additionally be requested via PXs’ and TSO’s account managers.

• Additional publications related to the FB MC Project   (updated after the start of the public consultation on 30/05/2013)

Please note that,
• The consultation/survey starts on 2nd May 2013 and ends on 30th June 2013 00:00, feedback-submission via the survey/consultation-tool after this deadline will not be accepted.
• Only comments made via the web-based survey/consultation can be officially taken into account by CWE project partners and regulators.
• The outcome of this consultation will be communicated in a non-anonymous way to regulators after consolidation. Market participants will be provided with anonymous results. 

Kind regards,

The CWE FB MC project partners

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