About ElecLink

Eleclink is a 1000MW HVDC electricity interconnector between France and Great Britain. ElecLink will support market integration, boost competition in energy markets, reinforce security of supply and will contribute in reducing CO2 emissions through increased renewable energy utilisation on both sides of the Channel.

ElecLink will run all its capacity auctions as explicit capacity auctions via the Joint Allocation Office (JAO) similar to other interconnector operators connecting to the GB market. ElecLink customers will bid for the capacity via JAO’s eCAT platform, where successful bidders will be able to nominate their obtained capacity on the ElecLink bespoke nomination platform Neptune.


Trading with ElecLink

Following approval from the Intergovernmental commission ElecLink has now commenced commissioning activities.  ElecLink is scheduled to begin commercial operations following successful completion of this commissioning process.

In readiness for commercial go-live, Market Participants are now invited to register as an ElecLink customer.

For step by step information on how to register please consult our Registration Guide. For further details or to begin the registration process please contact a member of the ElecLink Customer Support Team. 

To support customers through the registration process ElecLink will be hosting a customer forum on 22nd March 2022. Sign up for the customer forum here.

Customers will also have an opportunity to test the JAO and Neptune systems during March 2022, please contact the ElecLink Customer Support Team  to sign up to access the test systems and also participate in a Market Trial.

You can view all the latest news and documentation on ElecLink at: https://www.eleclink.co.uk/