Corporate structure

JAO is managed by two corporate bodies being the Management Board in charge of the day-to-day management of the company, and the Supervisory Board, which is in charge of conducting supervisory function.

JAO team
Management board

Management Board

  • New COO at JAO SA


    JAO proudly announces the appointment of its new Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Thomas Kieffer.

    In partnership with Chief Executive Officer Mr Frederik Johnsen and our Chief Financial Officer Mrs Diana Rodrigues, Mr Kieffer will oversee the JAO’s operations and IT teams.

    As part of our continuing commitment to facilitating the European electricity market, constantly evolving and developing new services, and providing cross-border transmission capacity allocation services and financial services to TSOs, JAO has engaged a new Chief Operating Officer (COO) who will join our team on October 1 2023.

    We are convinced Thomas will offer leadership and guidance, and the company will continue to provide the best service to the Transmission System Operators (TSOs), the market participants, and our valued partners. 

  • Chief Operating Officer

    Thomas Kieffer

    Member of the Management Board

    Following an extensive career as a senior manager in Financial services companies such as Banks and Market Infrastructure, where I manage Operations and IT teams as well as various major strategic projects, I had the pleasure to join JAO’s Management Board on October 1 2023 as COO with the responsibility of leading Operations, IT and Facility departments continuing to provide the highest possible level of services to our clients.

  • Chief Executive Officer

    Frederik Johnsen

    Chairman of the Management Board

    I  joined JAO (previously CASC.EU) in 2008 as one of the first employees in the operations team. Appointed as Operations Manager in 2009 I have helped the company’s growth to its position of the single European Auction Office.

    Following the merger of CASC.EU and CAO and the creation of JAO SA in 2015, I have taken over the Business Development Manager responsibilities. On March 1, 2023, I took over the duties of the CEO.

  • Chief Financial Officer

    Diana Rodrigues

    Member of the Management Board

    I had the pleasure to start my career at JAO (previously CASC.EU) in 2011, and established later on the Financial Controlling department back in 2015 just before the company merger.

    I was appointed as Finance Manager in 2017 and joined JAO's Management Board in June 2020 as Chief Financial Officer. Together with my team, we have developed JAO’s financial services and various domains of expertise. We strive every day to solve financial complexities, bring added-value and efficiencies to our customers through financial solutions.




JAO’s Supervisory board


Mr. Ole Jacob Høyland


Ms. Gina Christine Van Dijk

Mr. Martin Palkovsky

Mr. Hanno Andreas Grimm

Mr. Marcus Karger

Mr. Gheorghe Cristian Vișan

Mr. Pierre Agache

Mr. Bastian Schwark