Stakeholders management

Credit limit and bid prioritization

In the process of designing the future long term flow-based auction setup, JAO and the TSOs have realized that the credit limit requirements might increase significantly. In order to keep the market fair and accessible we are looking into different options to reduce the impact on the market participants. We would sincerely appreciate your involvement in the selection of the best way forward.

We have summarized our proposals in LTFBA Bid Prioritisation - For MPs.pptx and invite you to answer the very short survey and indicate your preferences. The questionnaire will be open until June 28th.


Thank you in advance for your valuable input.


Last year the Nordic CCR and Core CCR announced that longterm flow-based capacity calculation and allocation would be implemented with JAO providing the Auction tool. This will lead to changes in eCAT and we would like to hear your opinion on how should we approach the implementation. We invite you to fill out our survey until April 15th at and help us adapt our Auction tool to the longterm flow-based allocation.

We thank you in advance for your valuable time.

Best regards,

JAO Operations