Dear market participant,

The translation table for the DE-AT parallel run has been attached.

The table facilitates mapping between CBs in production and those used in the parallel run.

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Dear market participant,


For business days 21, 22, 24 and 27 September Amprion, Transnet BW, and TenneT TSO GmbH suspended the 20% minRAM patch on operations, as informed on the JAO message board (

 Please be informed that  this has not been the case in the DE-AT parallel run, i.e. the 20% minRAM patch was not suspended on days where exclusions occurred in operations. 


We trust to have informed you sufficiently.


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CWE TSOs support stakeholders to analyze the impact the DE-AT split, in a two-step approach, each having a specific process and objective:



Objective: for stakeholders to assess the impact of the DE-AT split on the results


Based on one year of historical recent data
Experimentation performed by TSOs and NEMOs, with
historical DE-AT orders aggregated separately into 2 order books
FB parameters based on 12 typical Business Dates on recent data.
Publication on 05/06/2018 all Stakeholders in Q2 2018 including the FB parameters used, the 12 typical days and their categorization.

2. Daily External parallel run DE-AT

On July 1st a daily external parallel run will be started as one of the final steps towards the implementation of the Flow-Based  methodology on the DE-AT border at the beginning of October. This daily publication will be continued throughout September 2018. The goal of the external parallel run is to give stakeholders an opportunity to analyze the impact of the Request for Change for the DE-AT split.


The daily external parallel run entails that the CWE TSOs will compute and publish FB parameters and provide them to EPEX SPOT for the Market Coupling simulations on a daily basis. The results from these simulations will be published for Market Participants to assess the impact of the DE-AT bidding zone border split on the Market Coupling outcome.


Daily TSO schedule to compute FB Parameters - see attached


Please note that the results of this external parallel run do not condition the DE-AT split go-live.