ALEGrO: parallel run

Dear Market Parties,

AMPRION and Elia would like to announce the start of the publication of parallel run results for the ALEGrO interconnector on the German-Belgian border. A ramp-up approach will be applied, starting from 2 business days per week (Wednesday and Friday during week 19 and 20), followed by a gradual increase targeting 7 BDs per week by week 23. During the first two weeks the control room operators will not be involved and the capacity calculation shall not be subject to a validation phase.

The capacity calculation process will apply the Evolved Flow Based method and will include some improvements for the creation of virtual branches. These improvements were detailed during the CCG meeting in June. The Flow Based parameters will be published in an updated version of the JAO utility tool.

The market coupling will be simulated using three scenarios to show the impact of ALEGrO (CWE using FBI, CWE using FBP and CWE+ALEGrO using FBP). The results are based on new market coupling simulations focusing on a ceteris paribus analyses, hence they can deviate from operational results for the scenario CWE using FBI. The results are published on JAO with a delay of around 3 weeks.

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