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The requirements on the documents differ depending on if you sign them with a qualified electronic signature conforming to the eIDAS regulation or with a handwritten signature. Please refer to our overview of requirements in the attached summary table on the right download list.

When registering, it is required to provide all necessary documents no later than 9 working days prior to the auction in which you intend to participate.

All electronically signed documents shall be submitted to JAO’s Service Desk, while all signed hard copies shall be sent via postal mail to JAO’s office.


Registration Steps

Step 1 – Requesting access to the JIRA service desk platform

For us to support you best in your future endeavours, you need to have access to our service desk platform to be able to open tickets with us.

  • Follow this link to register at the platform, and request access.

Step 2 - Documents required for registration

Documents have to be electronically filled and signed by authorized person(s) as per the company’s signatory rights (joint signatures or a sole signature) as stated in the Commercial Extract or in an additional official document.

  • Electronically filled and duly dated and signed Participation Agreement
    • 2 originals in case of handwritten signature via post
    • 1 document in case of qualified electronic signature through Jira Service Desk
  • Electronically filled and duly signed Financial Agreement
    • 2 duly signed originals in case of handwritten signature via post – only the company name shall be filled
    • 1 document in case of qualified electronic signature through Jira Service Desk – JAO will send the document to you for signature once we have the business account number available
  • Copy  of the Commercial Extract/Constitution Deed of the company (should not be older than 6 months;  a certified English translation has to be attached in case it is in a different language)
  • The Beneficial owner structure information documents (duly dated and signed) with a government issued identification document of the ultimate beneficial owner(s) or the Managing Director(s) (if applicable) and of the CEO of the company. It cannot be older than 1 month.
  • Copy of a certificate of bank account details issued by the bank, which includes the IBAN code, SWIFT code, account holder and the registered address of the account holder. The bank account identity statement is also acceptable, if it contains the following data: IBAN code, SWIFT code, account holder and the registered address of the account holder that is provided by the financial institution of the market participant. This document can not be older than 3 months.
  • In case the signature powers are not clear from the Commercial Extract, other official document(s)  can be provided in order to evidence the signatory rights as Minutes of the Board of Directors (or applicable), Articles of Association (or applicable) , or a Power of Attorney.

Step 3 – Sending the documents

After filling and signing the documents, you will be required to send them:

  • through our service desk platform – in case of electronic signatures
  • by post – in case of handwritten signatures – to the following address:


2 rue de Bitbourg L-1273


Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Step 4 – Follow up

Upon registration, JAO will send one countersigned copy of the Participation Agreement and one countersigned copy of Financial Agreement to the address specified, or through our service desk platform. Furthermore, at this time you will also receive your ING bank account details.

This means that your company registration is complete, now you need to setup an account.

Step 5 – Requesting a user account in the trading platform

In order to create a user account in our Allocation Tool (eCAT), we need to receive the following documents:

  • User Account form
    • Electronically filled forms can be accepted with handwritten or valid electronic signatures (all the signatures should be in the same format).
    • It has to be signed by the user and the company representative(s) (just like Participation and Financial Agreements)
    • We accept digital copies
  • The public part of the electronic certificate.
    • Information about the certificate requirements as well as the approved certificate issuing authorities can be found here.

Step 6 – Credit limit

You can credit your ING account with enough capital to be able to bid on your desired auctions, or set up a bank guarantee to serve as collateral.

Registration and Modification Forms

On the right download list you may find:

1. All the related forms to be able to register with JAO or to terminate the agreements

2. Amendment forms to be used for updating existing documents already submitted to JAO.

Collaterals and Auction Tool Forms

On the right download list you may find:

1. Forms for collateral management (Bank Guarantee, funds transfers);

2. Forms to request or modify user access to the auction tool (eCAT).

3. Form to request read only access for the ING business account:

If you wish to have an online read-only access to ING Inside Business, it is important to mention that the login will be linked to an individual of your choice from your company. This user has to provide personal information on the user form and a copy of his/her ID card or passport.

There will be no additional cost for the access to ING Inside Business, as it is web-based and can be accessed from a computer, tablet or phone.

Registration for ING Inside Business is not mandatory, however we won’t be able to provide bank statements upon request.