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Italy North CCR quarterly reports

Publication of CC relevant data by Italy North TSOs

Publication of CC relevant data by Italy North TSOs

On this page Italy North TSOs will publish data relevant for the D-2 & ID capacity calculation process on a quarterly basis 10 working days after the end of each quarter:

  1. For each hour and limiting CNEC:
    1. Timestamp of the associated hour
    2. Clear name and EIC code of both CNE and Contingency
    3. Maximum flow of a CNE (FMAX)
  2. For each hour and bidding zone:
    1. Forecasted vertical load
    2. Forecasted production
    3. Forecasted net position

Those data are also published here[insert link] for the D-2 capacity calculation process

  1. Long-term nomination on each bidding zone border (also available on the ENTSO-E Transparency Platform[insert link:])

Since 01/06/2021, Italy North TSOs are publishing the relevant information on a daily basis on a dedicated publication tool (link). TSOs will continue to publish any missing data on a quarterly basis until this data is also added to the publication tool. A week of overlap has been added to the Q2 2021 report to ensure all data is readily available.

Disclaimer: The values reported in this document for the unconstrained capacity were not obtained during the online process but via a post-processing of the result. As a consequence, no validation was performed and differences in some values could be observed compared to the values actually given to the market. Due to an issue recently spotted by the TSOs, not all the limiting elements are correctly reported and some of them are missing. RSCs are investigating to solve the issue as soon as possible. The same bug applies also to the data already shared the previous quarters of 2020.

Disclaimer 2: CNEC selection was implemented on 06/05, therefore the results of the CNEC selection process is included as of this date, some dates are missing due to process fails during the IDCC process.