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Italy North Swiss Consideration

Consideration of Swiss Flows in 70% monitoring

Due to the strong grid interconnection between Switzerland and Italy North, so far all methodologies concerning capacity calculation and coordination of Remedial Actions from the Network Codes FCA, CACM, SOGL and EBGL include the possibility for extending the methodologies to Switzerland – with Swissgrid acting as a so-called “technical counterparty”. 

In that respect, Italy North TSOs would like to inform that Swissgrid has the same rights and obligations concerning the implementation and operation of these processes and is contractually bound upon their provisions with a cooperation agreement between the Italy North TSOs and Swissgrid. Concerning the development and approval of the respective methodologies, only the Italy North TSOs have a legal mandate based on EU law to submit a methodology to their respective NRAs for approval. The cooperation agreement however allows and requests Italy North TSOs and Swissgrid to jointly elaborate and content-wise develop the respective methodologies to properly consider Switzerland in these methodologies. In case of conflicting positions, Swissgrid does not have a veto-right as Italy North TSOs do based on the EU provisions, however all participating TSOs agreed to work in good faith in order to find compromise solutions.

The cooperation agreement was and is with every content-change subject to unanimous validation by all Italy North NRAs.

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