Frequently Asked Questions

API and web services

  • How can I sign up for API?

    Our answer

    Please follow the instructions below for registration for web services:

    • Visit our API section on the website, available at:
    • From there, select “Request Token”
    • A form page will open, in which you will have to fill a valid email address, and the Company’s name, and accepting our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions by selecting the appropriate checkbox.
    • Soon after the form has been sent, you will receive your personal Token.
  • Which data is available through auction data API?

    Our answer

    Please be informed we have a new website and that the new public API is in place. The available API resources are available at:

    Please see below the data available to retrieve through auction data API:

  • How can I sign up for eCAT Web services?

    Our answer

    The registration and use of eCAT Web services is restricted to registered Market Participant, and the procedure to follow is identical to registering a new User; the detailed steps are available under “Resource Center > Registration > Registration Steps”.

  • Which data is available in eCAT web services?

    Our answer

    Please see below the data available to retrieve through eCAT web service: