Frequently Asked Questions

ING InsideBusiness

  • How to get access

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    • The login to ING InsideBusiness will be linked to an individual of your choice from your company. Registration is limited to 2 users per company.
    • Every user has to provide personal information on the User Access Form and a copy of his/her ID card or passport. The form is available on JAO’s website on the section Support/Resource center/Financial information:
    • Note that the form has to be filled out electronically, signed by a company’s legal representative and the ID/passport needs to contain a visible signature.
    • Both documents have to be submitted via the Service desk of  JAO (
    User Access Form


  • Registration process

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    Once JAO collects the user access form duly filled in and signed together with a copy of the user’s ID card or passport, the registration process can start:

    1. JAO’s corporate administrator will initiate the process by creating the user on ING’s InsideBusiness platform.
    2. The user will then receive his/her I-Dentity package containing an I-Dentity card together with the card reader by mail. The user will need to sign an acceptance form (included in the package) and send it by email to
    3. Upon receipt of the signed acceptance form and some security checks, the user’s I-Dentity card will be activated.
    4. The user will be able to log in.
  • Technical Support

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    • You need to contact the support team of ING in the following situations:
      • Forgot your password
      • I-Dentity card is blocked (after several wrong connection attempts)
      • I-Dentity card/card reader is stolen, lost or can no longer be used



  • User Guide

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     ING Inside Business is a view-only platform, therefore users will only be able to see their balances, produce and download bank statements. In order to do so, the process is as it follows:

    • Log into ING InsideBusiness: at the home page on InsideBusiness portal (the administrative part of the tool
    • Click on InsideBusiness Payments in order to have access to your account:
    User Guide


    • Click on reporting on the top left side of the screen:
    User Guide


    • Here you can view the balances of your accounts, the transactions related or create reports:
    User Guide