Frequently Asked Questions

Auction information

  • What are the shadow auctions?

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    The shadow auctions run by JAO are explicit back up auctions meant to allocate the daily capacity for market-coupled borders in case of market decoupling. More details can be found in the Shadow Auction Package document on the following link:

  • Where can I find the Contract ID I should use when nominating my long-term capacity?

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    Unless instructed otherwise by TSOs use the Contract IDs found in the programming authorisation in the Contract ID section of the Programming Authorization file when nominating your long-term capacity.

  • How can I find out if there are any reductions in offered capacity?

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    Maintenance Periods

    In the auction tool, you should be able to see the maintenance periods as soon as the Offered Capacity has been published;

    However, according to Article 29 (Auction Specification) for yearly Auctions the Allocation Platform shall publish the provisional and the final Auction Specification no later than one (1) week and for any other shorter Capacity Allocation timeframe no later than two (2) Working Days before the end of the Bidding Period of an Auction.



    JAO S.A shall notify the affected holders of Long Term Transmission Rights as soon as possible of a curtailment of Long Term Transmission Rights including the triggering event via email and on the webpage of the Allocation Platform.

    The notification shall identify the affected Long Term Transmission Rights, the affected volume in MW per hour for each concerned period, the triggering events for curtailment as described in Article 56 and the amount of Long Term Transmission Rights that remain after the curtailment.

    In the case of Financial Transmission Rights, each Registered Participant affected by curtailment shall lose its right to transfer or return the concerned Financial Transmission Rights or to receive remuneration in accordance to Article 48.

  • When can I see the results of the auctions?

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    Between 3 and 10 minutes after the closing of the auction JAO will send the allocation results by email to all registered traders who have participated in the auction.

    As soon as the allocation results have been calculated, the results of the auction will be notified to Registered Participants via the Auction Tool.

    Traders who have participated in the auction have the possibility to download the allocation results in .xml or .csv file format regardless of the fact that their bids have been or have not been selected.

    Traders who have not participated in the auction can see the allocation results in the eCAT Auction Tool.