Frequently Asked Questions


  • What does the term UIOSI/UIOLI means and how can I calculate it?

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    UIOSI or Use It or Sell It is a principle stating that when a Market Participant does not nominate its long-term transmission rights, JAO will sell that respective transmission capacity on the relevant daily auction.

    Compensation for unused capacity are described in the relevant auction rules available on

    UIOLI is used for Daily and Intraday rights and where a market participant is not nominating (using) his capacity, his rights would be lost and no compensation would be given to market participant.

  • What is lost adjusted market spread and how do I know which loss factor to use for certain border?

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    Electrical losses are experienced on subsea HVDC interconnectors through effects such as the heating of resistive components and the effect of parasitic elements (resistance, capacitance, and inductance). These losses are calculated and averaged once an interconnector is energized. For borders having LADAMS in place, this scheme and its actual loss factor are described in the relevant auction rules.

  • Will I be compensated for curtailment of capacity?

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    Yes. The compensation rules may differ according to the reason for the curtailment. Compensation for curtailment may also differ from a border to an other. We would recommend you to check the relevant auction rules.

  • Is there a formula to use for calculation of capacity, maintenance periods and curtailment?

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