Frequently Asked Questions


  • How much money should we deposit as a collateral?

    Our answer

    You may deposit any amount as long as it is sufficient to cover the financial obligations to JAO S.A.

    Any amount deposited shall be done in Euros (€) and your Credit Limit shall always be greater or equal to zero.

  • Is the Business Account the one specified in the Financial Agreement and will it provided to us through the Allocation Platform?

    Our answer

    Yes. The Business Account is provided by JAO S.A, and it is dedicated exclusively to your company.

    The business account is a special dedicated account to which participants will pay all the amounts for the allocated capacity acquired or to be acquired by the participant in accordance with the Auction Rules.

    Information Regarding the Banking Conditions, can be found on our website, on the Resource Center section, under Financial Information.

    There, you may find and download the document (labelled Banking Terms) for your convenience.

  • What forms of collateral can I use?

    Our answer

    You may only use two forms of collaterals:

    1. Bank Guarantee
    2. Cash deposit in a dedicated Business Account.