Frequently Asked Questions

Termination of the user or company

  • How can we cancel the contract signed with JAO?

    Our answer

    In order to cancel the Participation and Financial Agreements and close your dedicated business account opened with ING Bank we would require you to send us the Termination Request filled out and duly signed by the company representative, which can be found on our website.

    Additionally, we would require filled out and duly signed Fund Transfer Request form (please note that the closure fee is 25 Eur which needs to be deducted from the current amount on your ING business account + in case we are close to the end of the month, a 25 Eur monthly fee might also need to be deducted).

    Moreover, Power of Attorney is required in case the authorized person signed is not the legal representative of the company and it hasn’t been sent to us previously, along with filled and signed Signature Card and copy of the ID.

  • How can I terminate user account?

    Our answer

    In order to terminate user account, JAO needs User Account Form filled and duly signed by company representative, indicating deletion of user by selecting the relevant box on the form.