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Secondary Market

  • How soon can I return Long-term Capacity I acquired?

    Our answer

    As soon as the allocation results have been notified to the Market Participant, acquired yearly capacity may be resold by Participant at the respective monthly auctions. The minimum volume of a capacity for return is one MW over one month.

    The participant which has acquired the capacity at the JAO S.A Auction must fulfill its financial obligations towards the JAO S.A, even if the capacity has been entirely or partially returned on the monthly auctions.

    Long Term Transmission Right holder(s) wishing to return their Long Term Transmission Rights shall send a notification via the Auction Tool to the Allocation Platform in line with the corresponding Information System Rules no later than the deadline specified in the provisional Auction Specification for the subsequent Auction to which the Long Term Transmission Right is to be returned.

    A valid notification of the return shall contain the EIC code of the Long Term Transmission Right holder, identity of the subsequent Auction to which the Long Term Transmission Right is returned and the volume of the Long Term Transmission Rights for return.

    In order to be able to return Long Term Transmission Rights the Registered Participant shall have a valid and effective Participation Agreement with the Allocation Platform.

    To correct the return notification, the participant must send a new notification of return to the JAO S.A with a modified volume of capacity for resale. The minimum volume of the capacity for the return can be in that case zero (0) MW.

    The Market Participant has until 10 minutes prior to the opening of the Bid submission gate of the respective auction to execute the return of Long-Term capacity on the relevant corridor. Final return deadline for all the JAO S.A monthly auctions can be found on the JAO S.A website in the section – market data – MONTHLY LONG TERM AUCTIONS